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Several candidates for smart home

- Some systems allow you to better monitor and regulate your energy use.

- Lighting and remote communication help keep your house secure by creating the illusion of someone being at home.

- Automated watering systems keep your yard looking nice, even adjusting watering times according to outside temperatures.

- Checking your doors and windows remotely reduces your security concerns while you’re away.

- Many buyers want a house with automation already installed. A robust system can increase the value of your home.

- Available systems are incredibly varied.

- Be sure to research your system thoroughly before you buy.

- Different brands aren’t always compatible with one another.

- Most systems now have a monthly subscription fee.

- It’s important to also be aware of additional fees hidden within contracts. Read contracts thoroughly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

- All systems require power to operate, so be sure your home has a back-up power supply. Blackouts and brownouts can render your systems inoperable.

- Smart technology and home automation systems won’t work without a reliable internet connection.

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