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Can I Synchronize System?

Synchronizing systems means that your devices will activate or deactivate according to certain conditions. For example, if you set your thermostat to the away setting, then your coffee pot knows not to turn on in the morning. If your alarm clock goes off, then the shower turns on and heats up to your desired temperature. Different brands may have trouble syncing with one another.

Why Should I Automate?

There are many benefits to home automation and smart technology. Many homeowners who use smart and automated technology enjoy lower energy costs, time savings and boosted security.


· Online vulnerability – Smart home technology is vulnerable to cyber attacks. In some cases, online criminals can steal your home automation passwords and information if they are stored on your computer. Make sure to store your passwords and other access information in a safe place.

· Expense – Smart technology is more expensive than conventional options. A normal light switch might cost several dollars, while a smart replacement may cost around $85.

· Reliability – Electronic signals from other devices can sometimes confuse your smart home systems. Hardwired setups aren’t prone to signal interference, but they are very costly and require professional installation.

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